About Us

As a group of professionals with many years of experience in the free road transport of passengers, we recognize the end user’s need for faster information and the modernization of free passenger transport according to the demands of the rapidly growing market.

As a unique service in the Republic of Croatia, our goals are: direct information, data transparency, regulation of the market in free passenger transport, better availability of reliable transport companies that strive to provide quality service, promotion of tourism, and saving money for the end-user.

If using the Eurohop platform will facilitate the search for your bus, our goal has been achieved.

Why Us?

Because we are a neutral, free web registry with a unique database of buses, minibuses, and vans in the Republic of Croatia. In one place, you can get three official offers from different companies within 24 hours. You don't have to waste hours on correspondence, phoning in search of an adequate vehicle, and waiting for offers from different companies. By simply entering the driving schedule, you forward your choice of vehicle to us and shorten the lengthy process. This service is a register of carrier companies in the Republic of Croatia that own their own vehicles, and only they set the prices for their buses, minibuses, and vans on offer. Most end-users do not know that the prices of bus services depend on many factors (seasonal period, size, location, disposition, etc.).

Eurohop is a database of vehicles of different sizes, and you can use it to search free of charge. All data and information about transport companies are available, and each company guarantees its offer of buses, minibuses, and vans. Vehicle seating capacities range from 7 to 88 seats, for different categories of buses, equipment, and additional services that individual companies provide to their users. When searching for a vehicle, the basic measure of competitiveness is the price of the requested service.

If you are looking to choose a vehicle, you can send a quick request for assistance from our staff.

Whether you have no prior experience with renting buses, minibuses, and vans, organizing transfers, tours, and excursions for your group, or you are a proficient user of bus services, this registry with its vehicle database provides you with quick and easy access to meet your needs.

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